Jose Enrique Soriano

Harnessing traditional darkroom techniques, Jose Enrique Soriano’s rich archive of fine art photographic prints from extensive travels and coverage all over Asia, Europe and North America will be represented by Asian Eye. For this exhibit, Soriano’s work provides the collector a glimpse of the Spanish colonial heritage of the Philippines, and the strong, even considered fatalistic tenacity of the Filipino people. Soriano, who is known for his strong portraiture and documentary work, will exhibit exclusive work which highlights various acts of faith during what is considered a Holy Week in the Roman Catholic religion. The exhibit will feature Filipinos practicing ‘magdrame,’ an extreme form of mortification of their own flesh by whipping it with various instruments. Flagellants roam the streets of Manila, the country’s capital, whipping their backs with bamboo lashes called burilyos. Soriano brings to the exhibit over 25 years of experience as a photographer and photo editor for the Singapore Straits Times (1994-2004) and Khaleej Times (2008-2010. Soriano has been represented by Contact Press Images, New York; Agence Vu, Paris; and Network Photographers, London; and has been a contributor to various documentary projects for news and advocacy. Soriano is best known for the Prix Ville De Paris exhibition grant to photograph Paris during its Bicentennial, exhibited in the Espace Photographique in Paris, Alliance Francaise in Manila; and the Caltex House in Singapore.

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