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Pananampalataya (Faith)

Date of Exhibit: August 1-22 , 2015
Venue: Cho Why,  Soi Nana 17, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Chinatown
Bangkok, Thailand

For the Filipino, every facet of life is considered sacred, with a special spiritual significance.  Any simple attempt at describing the belief systems native to a Filipino is likely to be inadequate. The Filipino photographer is unique when juxtaposed with the rest of his Asian and Western counterparts. The artist comes from an archipelago composed of 7,107 islands in Southeast Asia, and is greatly influenced by the country’s history of popular struggles. One unparalleled historical factor which explains the distinctiveness of the Philippines in Asia, is its prolonged history under direct colonial domination.

Colonialism in the Philippines began in the sixteenth century, as in Latin America – 300 years earlier than most Asian countries. The worldview of Filipinos reflects a strong Hispanic and Christianized influence, with the Catholic Church contributing to this. The Filipino is the fruit of this integration. And what is integral in this integration is the faith (pananampalataya) of its people – a faith in a force (tadhana) that determines the destiny of its people.

Asian Eye’s mission is to discover and celebrate genuine talent in documentary and fine art photography from Asia. By bringing together a compelling mix of emerging and recognized artists, Asian Eye aims to raise the profile of veteran and emerging Asian photographers, and to encourage collectors from all over the world to discover and appreciate their vision and works. We aim to make the best photography from Asia accessible for all art enthusiasts and new collectors. For the Photo Bangkok Festival, Asian Eye in cooperation with Cho Why, will represent documentary photography from Philippines and will promote an innovative showcase and art collection experience, highlighting the heritage of traditional darkroom and creative/alternate printing processes and most importantly, the vision and heart of the Filipino documentary photographer.